How College Art Online works

  1. About College Art Online: was designed to create an outlet for art students, recent graduates and professors to sell their artwork. We sell to a worldwide audience that appreciates original and affordable art. We believe that our website offers a refreshing outlook into the art world and have great respect for the talent and creativity of our artists. By using, sellers have the ability to see the spotlight shine on them. Again, only art students, recent graduates (up to 5 years) and professors are allowed to sell on the website. This environment lends itself for the focal point of the site to be on this elite group of artists. Additionally, the abilities of these artists are fantastic and no other website promotes this type of artwork like

  2. Creating an artist account:

    Creating an account is simple and only takes a few minutes. On the home page, select the Sell Art category, and then click on the sub-category Register. You will then be directed to a page to fill-in your user name and password, and then to enter all billing and shipping information (please note it is free to create an account and this billing/shipping information will only be used to pay out artists minus the 25% commission taken by CAO when a piece sells).After inputting the necessary items, agree to the Terms of Service and click "Sign me up".

    As a measure of assuring that all users are attending an art school, recently graduated (up to 5 years), or an art professor, CAO asks for a [.edu�] email in order to instantly create an account. If you do not have a [.edu] email please register using your personal email and we will then be notified of your registration and will contact you, by email, within 24 hours regarding switching your account to an artist account.

  3. Payout Transactions:

    Transactions are simple and easy to complete. Please note that takes a 25% commission on every piece of work sold. Under Manage Your Account there are two choices. Select Check in order to be paid out by in the form of a check, or select ACH to receive funds from sales directly into your checking or savings account. At this point, please complete all applicable information that is required to finish your payout information. Both Checking and ACH payout options accomplish the same goal of paying out an artist.

  4. Posting and editing artwork:

    Posting and editing artwork is simple and effective on Under Manage Your Account, select the tab for Manage Art. You will be directed to a page called Artwork Management. To add a new piece of art click Add New Art. By selecting this feature, a blank space for your work's image will appear saying please add a photo. Proceed by clicking Change Photo and a Browse button will appear for you to locate the image of your work. Once located, click Change Photo and your image will be uploaded onto the website. Simply enter all applicable information on your work and hit Create Artwork. All information must be entered (including shipping costs) for the artwork to be listed on the website.

    To edit an artwork choose your piece to make changes to and hit Edit Photo. You will be directed to the Edit your Artwork page and the image of your work will be in a full screen size. You will be able to rotate in numerous directions and scale the image to your liking. When you are done with your changes, click the Checkmark to finish editing your image. All works are able to have multiple images so that users can show different aspects of their work. To do this, simply add another picture and click Update Artwork to see all images.

  5. Pricing:

    One of the unique ideas of is that we allow and encourage sellers to create their own prices for their work. Of course, we are happy to assist if wanted, but we like the seller to have the ability to act independently. does recommend that sellers always error on the side of caution with a lesser price as opposed to a higher price as buyers are responsible for all shipping costs. We have incorporated a price scale on the website that gives the seller the ability to sell their work up to $3,000. Additionally, each seller has the option of allowing potential buyers to bid on each piece of art. If desired, the seller must check the box for each piece of work that Allows Offers and enter in the Lowest Offer Allowed. The process of bidding on is only in place if the seller wants it to be, and then a buyer has to offer the minimum price set by the seller for it to be accepted. If the minimum price is met, the piece of art has one week to remain open for additional bids. During that one week period, other buyers have the ability to place a higher bid on the piece of art. Once the auction is over, the piece will sell to the bidder with the highest bidding price.

  6. Shipping:

    On, all shipping costs are paid for by the buyer. Sellers have various options of how they wish to ship the work (UPS, FedEx, and USPS). requires all sellers to provide a tracking number for each piece of artwork shipped. Once a piece sells, a blank box will appear on the Orders page during the shipping process for the seller to enter in the tracking information. If any help is needed please contact us and we will be happy to assist. For each work, please select the Shipping Options tab and fill-in all applicable information. Please note you must enter in all artwork and shipping information in order for it to be posted for sale on the website. Artists are able to add as many different types of shipping as desired (i.e. overnight, next day, 3 day, etc). Sellers have 7 days to ship their work to the buyer or else the order will be cancelled and voided from the system.

  7. Return process:

    Returns are allowed on and are simple and straightforward. Sellers on the site are expected to ship exactly what is portrayed on their profile page. If a buyer wishes to return a piece of work, they have one week upon receiving the piece to do so. If a piece of work is returned because the buyer simply does not like it, 100% of the shipping charges will be at the expense of the buyer. For any questions, please consult